Lower Secondary

The Year 7-­10 curriculum has been designed so that students receive tuition in Biblical Life and Worldview, English, Mathematics, Humanities and Social Sciences (formerly SOSE), Science, Drama and in a variety of other courses including Outdoor Education and Information Technology, to name a few. This exposes secondary students to as many aspects of secondary education as is possible, so that they are educated towards decision making in subsequent years.

Change of subjects – In Years 9 and 10, elective subjects are chosen late in the previous year. Once choices are made, changing subjects is discouraged. Should a student desire to change subjects, a Subject Change Form should be completed before a decision about their change is made. Subject changes will only be made if class numbers allow; class teacher and parental permission must be provided/sought by the student before the end of Term 1.

Upper Secondary


Strathalbyn Christian College offers a variety of Year 11 and 12 courses in line with SCSA guidelines. University entrance is catered for with a range of ATAR courses while the requirements for General courses are met with our own Certificate II course and our alliance with Durack Institute of Technology. Our classes are quite small which allows us to cater for individual differences within the constraints of the SCSA guidelines.

Change of subjects – A Subject Change Form should be completed before a change is considered. Year 11 Subject changes should be completed by the end of week 4 of each semester. Year 12 Subject changes will only be possible in the first four weeks of the year. Subject changes will be permitted, subject to the ability of the school to provide for the change. Students will not gain credit for work not completed in a subject. The College Assessment Policy applies in the case of changes of subject. Parent permission, in writing, is required for any subject changes.


The following standardised assessments are used at Strathalbyn Christian College to inform our teaching practices.


  • Progressive Assessment Test (PAT) Reading Assessment (Years 1 to 10) to identify comprehension.
  • Star Reader (Years 1 to 10) to identify comprehension reading level to select appropriate reading books.
  • Accelerated Reading – online continuous assessment of comprehension skills, and to develop comprehension strategies (Year 3 to 10)
  • Guided Group Reading – explicit teaching of reading strategies (Years 1 to 10)
  • Novel Study – to develop analytical skills in literacy (Years 6 to 10)
  • NAPLAN (Years 7 & 9)


  • NAPLAN (Years 7 & 9)


  • PAT Maths Assessment (Years 1 to 10)
  • Targeting Maths Assessments
  • Mathletics Online Assessments
  • Mathletics Tests
  • Observation Checklists

Writing and Grammar:

  • First Steps Explicit Writing Programme (Years 7)
  • NAPLAN (Years 7 & 9)
  • Functional Grammar (Pre-­Primary to Year 10)
  • Modelling of Reading Eggs Targeting Text (Years 1 to 10)
  • Go Grammar (Years 7 to 10)

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Carnarvon15 - 107

Camps & Service Trips

Year 8 Service Week

Annually, Year 8 students participate in Service Week. This run as a ‘day camp’ where students start their day with an eary breakfast at the College before heading out in teams to carry out works of service and learn about other people in the community. They conclude their day with a debrief and evening meal at the College before heading home for a good night’s sleep, ready for the next day of service.

The outreach program forms part of the Year 8 curriculum and is arranged in partnership with Geraldton Centacare Volunteer Services. Activities are include such things as weeding, pruning and clearing rubbish from the yard of a senior citizen or a person with disabilities, visiting nursing homes to play games and chat to elderly residents and raking leaves and tidying graves at the cemetry. There is also an overnight trip for the boys, to the remote community of Yalgoo where they provide physical labour for projects like preparing the soil for a community garden.

The work is mostly physical and often hard, but most students thrive under the challenge and are encouraged when they see their efforts have made a difference to others in the community.

Watch Centacare’s 24-minute video about the partnership between Centacare, Strathalbyn Christian College and the community.

NSA – No Strings Attached from Centacare Volunteer Service on Vimeo.

Year 9 Uluru Pilgrimage

For the first time this year, Strathalbyn Christian College will be conducting a trip to the centre of Australia. There the Year 9 students will experience Aboriginal culture and they will learn about Aboriginal traditions and assist in works of service with the community.

Year 10 Carnarvon Camp

Every year during second term, Strathalbyn Christian College visits Carnarvon Christian School for a week long adventure. Not only do the students visit the many tourist sights around Carnarvon but a big part of the camp is to engage and provide works of service to the school community. Many students really enjoy this camp and form strong bounds with the students of Carnarvon Christian College.

Year 6 Canberra Trip

In cold months of third term (August) the Year 6 students brave the Canberra weather to learn about our great capital. The students visit Parliament House, The Governor General’s House, and many more landmarks of this famous city.

Other Camps

Throughout the year, students attend Outdoor Education Overnight camps such as Rogain or Surfing camps.