Here is what parents have to say about Strathalbyn Christian College

“I just wanted to say thank you for all the work that you do to make SCC such a wonderful school for our children.  I also wanted to let you know that our kids, especially Nathan in Year 7, specifically thanked God many times during our family devotionals for their new school. As parents, it is a great joy to hear your children confirm over and over that they are very happy in their new school where they spend most of their waking hours for about 10 months of the year. I thank God for all of you who are committed to making this the best learning institution it can be by edifying Him first and foremost. I did notice that you openly acknowledge Him, more than that, give Him glory, for the good things that happen at the school. 

I pray for God’s richest favour on this school, on all the staff and their families, the students and their parents.”

Jean A

“As a parent of students at Strathalbyn Christian College I cannot recommend it enough! The school community is welcoming, supportive to those families going through rough patches and the level of education is fantastic. Having children in junior primary I am constantly amazed at the work coming home each week and love the regular teacher-parent communication.” 

Bec R

“I moved my son from another school to Strathalbyn Christian College and the changes I have seen in him have been amazing. He’s engaged, he loves coming to school and most of all he is happy. The impact that Strath has made on my young son’s life is wonderful and I cannot speak highly enough of Strathalbyn Christian College. Thank you to all the Teachers and Staff that support my son and his learning.”

Anna H

Re: ‘Kids Ark’ in Hera – Timor Leste

“Earlier this year I had the privilege to spend time in Timor Leste. During my stay with our friends at “Kids Ark” in Hera, I heard (and saw with my own eyes) some exciting testimonies about the “old” Strath uniforms that were donated and sent to Kids Ark late last year.
The Education Department in Timor had decided that all teachers have to wear a uniform, starting in January 2016. Now, Kids Ark School is on an extremely tight budget and can’t afford buying uniforms for the staff. The teachers also have no money to spare. They were quite concerned about this issue until they opened the boxes of Strath uniforms and saw the answer to their problem! (It doesn’t seem to matter at all that the uniforms have the wrong logo…) The teachers are delighted to wear the polo shirts (both greens), the slacks and skirts, also the light jackets as many ride motorbikes to school.

Kids Ark also has contact with very poor communities, some of them higher up in the mountains where it can get quite cold. Most of the uniforms have been distributed among the people there. It has been rather exciting for me to see “random” people that live nowhere near Kids Ark, wearing part of the Strath uniform.

Praise God for your generosity and that the challenge of changing the uniform has turned out to bring blessing to people quite far away.”

Elke G