The College uses short identifiers that are be displayed in Canvas assignment titles to help parents understand their child’s school work requirements. Generally these will be used for core subjects of Maths, English, Science and HASS, but they may also apply to elective subjects.

Assignments will be coded as follows:

  • Assessable Task: code AT
    Assessable tasks provide teachers with a markable piece of work that will inform the overall grade of students. While there may be some class time given towards completing these tasks, it is expected that students will have to work on the assessment at home as well.
  • Homework: code HW
    Homework is set to solidify student learning and should be completed by the student, in their own time.
  • In-Class Activities: code ICA
    In Class Activities do not need to be completed at home. These are activities that the teacher has set to be worked on, and submitted, during class time

Every assignment in Canvas contains information about the work required from students. You can expect to find a description of the task, guidance on study materials, a due date for the submission of work and a marking key that shows students what they need to accomplish to achieve marks for assignments.